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PSPad4AutoIt3 (editor IDE)


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  • 2 weeks later...

PSPad4AutoIt3 v2.1.0 beta - Update (2021-05-02)

Update Pack with new function "LogWin AutoClose".

Various settings can now be made for the LogWin (Output Console).

  • Show LogWin after "Run, Compile, ...".
  • Close LogWin automatically after "Run, Compile, ..." if no errors/warnings have occurred.
  • Close LogWin automatically after "Run, Compile, ...", but not if there are debug messages.
  • Delay before automatic closing (0 - 10 seconds).

These settings can be reached

  • via the PSPad menu: "AutoIt3" / "Settings (AutoIt3)" / "Open PSPad4AutoIt3.ini"
  • via the Windows Explorer: "...\<Pau3>\PSPad4Au3\PSPad4AutoIt3.ini"

Otherwise, as always, there are some improvements in the code such as the "IniRefresher", which ensures that the Pau3 ini is up to date after an update while retaining the user's settings. This way you can simply copy the files and folders from the update pack into the folder of a previous version and the previous settings are kept.

At this point, my special thanks go to AspirinJunkie (from German forum), who almost single-handedly developed the code for the IniRefresher. 👍

Instructions for the update pack can be found in the update pack itself ("ReadMe Eng.txt") and in the german forum at the end of posting #1.

Have fun trying it out, and remember the feedback ;)

Professor Bernd.

Download in the german forum PSPad4AutoIt3 (Editor IDE), end of post #1

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