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Sudoku game 2020


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Yes, I know, another Sudoku game script.  I started with a solution finder and progressively it got to a full game.  Hope you like it.

Version 2020-11-19

* Corrected a bug where grid wasn't displayed correctly after validation on success

Version 2020-07-24

* Added icon and wav files for completeness

* Added keyboard navigation

* Solved a small bug 

Version 2020-04-14

* 4 levels of difficulty (around 100 grids per level)

* Multi-lingual

* Allows multiple entries per cell

* All grids are solvable by logic only (no trial/error needed)

* Remember preferences

* Offline playable (SQLite required)

* Solution finder works for all grids

Enjoy !




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Hello Nine,

i can't run your Sudoku-Script. I've also installed the latest Beta of AutoIt and used different Versions of "sqlite3.dll". The first one used was from https://www.sqlite.org/download.html. I'am running AutoIt in 32Bit-Mode because of compatibility. It always says "Unable to start SQLite. Check existence of DLL" although it is placed in the @ScriptDir -Folder and tested with some example from the Help -File which was successful. Any idea how the script can be run, because i would love to play it ?  :drool:  Thank you very much.

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