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x64 bitwise operations

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I needed a very fast x64 unsigned shift right, and doing it through an AutoIt array was way too slow.  So I decided to make a .dll to perform such a task.  While I was there, why not include all the bitwise operators that I know of.  And then why not make a UDF.  This is a bit like my wife does, she buys some draperies and then I end up repainting the whole room because the colors do not match anymore. :P

Anyway, hope it can be useful for you too.

Let me know if you have enhancements or comments, I will be glad to incorporate them (if possible).

Version 2020-04-27

Func _BitAND64
Func _BitOR64
Func _BitXOR64
Func _BitEQV64
Func _BitIMP64
Func _BitSHIFT64
Func _BitROTATE64
Func _BitNOT64
Func _x64CloseDLL
Func _Hex2Dec


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