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UDF : BlockInput without UAC


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This function can be use to block all inputs coming from mouse and keyboard, without having an UAC warning displayed.

Version 2024-04-17

* Added new parameter to allow injection or not 

* Allow Send and Mouse* functions (injection) to work when inputs are blocked

Version 2021-02-06

* Allows blocking either Mouse or Keyboard independently

* Removed @error if already disable / enable

* Checks for rightful parameters

Example 1 : basic usage of blocking inputs

Example 2 : usage of Control* while inputs are blocked

Example 3 : injection of both mouse and keyboard


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Posted (edited)

First, I must sincerely apologize to @paw for being so stubborn in refusing to incorporate the notion of injection into my UDF.

After careful consideration, I must admit my mistake. It was a very good idea, and I should have agreed to it.  But to keep the UDF completely safe, it will be possible to authorize injection or refuse it.

When the injection is authorized, the Send and Mouse* functions will operate normally even if manual inputs are rejected.

New version available :)

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