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HotString 2.0 - Hot Keys with strings


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This new version of HotString is largely inspired by jvanegmond UDF.  After trying to use it, I realized that the UDF only works under English Windows OS.  The version I am proposing addresses this issue.  Moreover It allows the user to customize the control keys (those included in brackets {}), by simply modifying the HotString.ini file. 

I also added support to characters sequence replacement.  Instead of creating multiple functions just to replace some characters with others, you can set those sequences inside the .ini file.

Another small but significative enhancement, it now uses WM_USER message instead of WM_COMMAND, to reduce the interference of the UDF under a GUI environment script.

In the zip file you will find test and example files.  Also you will get an example of HotString.ini file.  Finally, I included a ScanCode script that shows all scan codes available on your system keyboard.  It can serve you to modify the .ini file.

Important Notes

- In the ini file, you should use underscore character ("_") to specify a space (" ") character.  Do not use {SPACE}.

- In the section Replacement of the ini file, you can use shift/control/alt KEYS if you wish to. But you must respect the order you specify when typing the sequence. 

- Since this UDF is based on scan code, you should not hold the shift/control/alt keys.  Just press them once, it will be registered in the sequence correctly.


I hope the original author will not be offended with this new UDF.  As usual if you have any request, I will try my best to answer it.




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