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AutoIt-API-WS - An expressive HTTP server you can use to build your own API with (Screenshots)

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About AutoIt-API-WS

AutoIt-API-WS is a light weight web server with expressive syntax, with the sole purpose of wrapping your existing AutoIt app with little to no effort.

With AutoIt-API-WS you can send and receive data between any application or framework, as long they can handle HTTP requests, which is an industry standard today.

Like my other communcations UDF AutoIt-Socket-IO AutoIt-API-WS is heavily inspired from the big boys, but this time its Laravel and Ruby on Rails.

Features Highlights

  • No external or internal dependencies required
  • RESTful mindset when designed
  • Expressive syntax
  • Small codebase
  • Heavy use of Michelsofts Dictionary object


  • Not complient with any RFC, so something important could be missing. Time will tell!
  • One persons slow loris attack will kill the process forever.

Example of implemetnation (With screenshots)

This is a basic cRud operation with the RESTful mindset in use.

#include "API.au3"
#include <Array.au3>

_API_MGR_SetName("My APP DB adapter")
_API_MGR_SetVer("1.0 BETA")
_API_MGR_SetDescription("This adapter allows you to get this n that")

_API_MGR_ROUTER_GET('/users', CB_GetUsers, 'string sortBy', 'Get all users, sortBy can be either asc or desc. asc is default')
_API_MGR_ROUTER_GET('/users/{id}', CB_GetUsersById, 'int id*', 'Get user by id')


Func DB_GetUsers()
	Local $userA = ObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary")
	Local $userB = ObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary")

	$userA.add('id', 1)
	$userA.add('name', 'TarreTarreTarre')
	$userA.add('age', 27)

	$userB.add('id', 2)
	$userB.add('name', @UserName)
	$userB.add('age', 22)

	Local $aRet = [$userA, $userB]

	Return $aRet

Func CB_GetUsers(Const $oRequest)
	Local $aUsers = DB_GetUsers()

	If $oRequest.exists('sortBy') Then

		Switch $oRequest.item('sortBy')
			Case Default
			Case 'asc'

			Case 'desc'


	Return $aUsers


Func CB_GetUsersById(Const $oRequest)

	Local Const $aUsers = DB_GetUsers()
	Local $foundUser = Null

	For $i = 0 To UBound($aUsers) -1

		Local $curUser = $aUsers[$i]

		If $curUser.item('id') == $oRequest.item('#id') Then
			$foundUser = $curUser


	If Not IsObj($foundUser) Then
		Return _API_RES_NotFound(StringFormat("Could not find user with ID %d", $oRequest.item('#id')))

	return $foundUser


When you visit http://localhost:3000 you are greeted with this pleasent view that will show you all your registred routes and some extra info you have provided.

Doc preview

When you visit http://localhost:3000/users the UDF will return the array of objects as Json

User preview 

And here is an example of http://localhost:3000/users/1

User specified


More examples can be found here


 (NEWEST 2020-09-21)



Autoit-API-WS-1.0.0-beta.zip Autoit-API-WS-1.0.1-beta.zip


Edited by tarretarretarre

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I have released 1.0.1-beta


  • Empty array/object responses would not serialize properly
  • Empty strings keys would not get serialized propertly


  • The router now lazily accepts appended slashes (example: http:/localhost:4545/route/)


  • Added some lousy tests, see "Testing.au3" for more info

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I have released 1.0.3-beta


  • Ip adresses were parsed as numbers due to stupid regex check
  • Packet buffer dropped due to logical error
  • CRLF -> LF conversion to not break regex



Edited by tarretarretarre

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