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UWPOCR - Windows Platform Optical character recognition API Implementation


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Ufff @Danyfirex, you rock! Thanks!

I've been using Tesseract to OCRing this kind of image a lot:


A coordinate: [1-255],[1-255]

I have trained Tesseract on this kind of image (which I can create with the values I want -> I have the ground truth for training) and it works like a charm! However, it takes too long. With UWPOCR I was able to reduce the time by nearly 90% (yes, there is a "0" after the "9" ;) ).

I've read the comment about prepending an image with the characters I want to recognize. I imagine this helps the tool to guess what comes immediately after. I will use the sequence 0-9 and "," but extracted from previous images instead of Arial font.

My question is: Is it possible to restrict the set of characters or install a custom language only with those characters?

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Hello AUTOITER, unfortunately it does not provide such feature You can't restrict characters 



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