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Found 14 results

  1. Always searching for the "final" solution to my zipping/unzipping needs, I started years ago using WinRar with AutoIT (don't ask me why...) and for the last 10 years I worked well with the _zip.UDF , a good solution using the embedded windows zipfldr.dll. But often I work with a lot of data (both multi gigabytes and/or 100K+ files) and I noticed the performance of the windows zip DLL are not so good, the problem is maybe worsened by the mono thread operation using AutoIT + zipfldr.dll. SO my choice is 7zip (7ZA.exe) also for licence (freeware also for business) reasons, and I wrote
  2. Good evening! I know this has been done to death in many programming languages and probably even in AutoIt. But couldn't help myself and as a learning challenge I wrote "yet another converter" LOL I need your help to test it and show me "the error of my ways" but in a nutshell here's what it can do already (taken from my source file) : Converts all zip files recursively into a 7Zip file, with max compression REQUIRES AUTOIT Version + Exact copy with attributes and folder structure + Extensive error checking, including files blocked by anti-virus (by file count
  3. For my next project I would like to send files with "alternate data streams" by email in ZIP format. I can not use any external program like 7-Zip or WinRAR. (They would fit😥) Who knows how to create a ZIP file with "alternate data streams" included with the Powershell command "Compress-Archive"? Here a test script: (save as "ADSTester.cmd") @rem Try to create a zip file with alternate data streams (ADS) included @rem Housekeeping @cls @del ADSTester.zip >nul: @RD /S /Q Extracted >nul: @del ADSTester.txt >nul: @rem End of Housekeeping echo This is the ADSTes
  4. <NEWBIE ALERT> Is it possible to unzip a zip file in Autoit without using a dll! My script downloads a zip file to a temporary directory (successfully) and it must be unzipped to (Or moved to after unzip) another a folder which just happens to be @scriptdir & "file.exe" Thanks in advance
  5. Here the this wiki page with list of available UDFs for data compression. For my tasks I only need ZIP support, so I started looking at pure AutoIt UDFs without any 3rd party dlls. And found out that most of available realizations uses standard ("native method") Windows dll - "zipfldr.dll". So for now I chose ZIP UDF by wraithdu. I've tested it on Windows 7 (x64) and it seem works fine. But here the comment from another topic where user says that Windows 10 discontinued support of "zipfldr.dll". Now I confused. I don't have around any Windows 10 machine to tested it. So maybe someone could con
  6. Hello, How can I automatically download a list of zip files, like the ones in the quote, using a AutoIt script? Is it possible with AutoIt script?
  7. I got a UDF to zip the files from below link. With this I am able to create a zip file but the post processing of zip file creation I am checking the zip file exists or not, but it is giving the message as file not found. Any sugestions?? #include "Zip.au3" ZipLogs() Func ZipLogs() $ResultsFolder = @ScriptDir & "\Results" $ResultsDestFolder = @ScriptDir & "\Results_Archive" $zipFile = $ResultsDestFolder & "\Results_"&TodayDateTime()&".zip" DirCreate($ResultsDestFolder) Dim $Zip = _Z
  8. Very simple: I had seen many examples of unzipping files (Zip) archive, but most of those example where using either some external .dll or are performing the job with the progress bar. Here is a small example how you can unzip your files without any external libraries and without any progress bar $ZipFile5="C:\file.zip" $ExtractTo5="C:\folder" $objShell5 = ObjCreate ("Shell.Application") $FilesInZip5=$objShell5.NameSpace($ZipFile5).items $objShell5.NameSpace($ExtractTo5).CopyHere($FilesInZip5,0x4)Enjoy
  9. There is a build machine in the network where it will automatically download the code from source repository and compile using visual studio and compresses the complete code in a zip file. I have added a line at the end of the build script(written in python on that machine) to copy that zip file to my ESX Virtual machine. Where I kept a AutoIT exe to wait for the zip file, once it is copied then I will extract the contents and find only the dll files in the extracted folder and do the Install creation using Installshield silently and copy the created setup files to anther machine.
  10. Hi guys, i hope i am in the right place for this question as it is in regards to zip.au3. I have some encrypted files on my harddrive which zip.au3 can't open. This is perfectly fine. The Problem is that it crashes my program as soon as it tries to access the file. Is there a way to detect if the file is encrypted BEFORE autoit tries to open it? I am using _zip_unzipall to unzip the file, i also tried _zip_count with the same result. My files are encrypted with SafeGuard Lan Crypt. Thanks, Comboku
  11. Hi guys, I often need zipping\unzipping function within my scripts, so I've decided to do a systematic research about it to understand which options I had. I'm sharing with you these results because I think it can save some time to somobody Autoit coders produced much material from 2005 till now, most of it consists of UDF wrappers of 3rd parts libraries, but there are some exception. Let's start: ZIP from scratch UDF: written by joakim. You can retrieve some info from a zip file, but it is just a PoC script, as I can see. LZ UDF: written by trancexx: another excepti
  12. Good Morning AutoIT Gurus! First - props to AutoIT and props to you guys It's an incredibly rich featured programming language - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Source:Gray Scripter - Zip32 '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Here is my issue with using the <Zip32.au3> If my folder name has periods in it, the zip function fails: Script Portion: $FolderName01 = "Computer_IP_192.168.2.1" ; Example formatting: ; _ZIP_Archive($ZipFile, $DirToZip) _ZIP_Archive($FolderName01, @ScriptDir & '' & $FolderName01) Console Output: !> _ZIPPrint: zip I/O error
  13. I was looking for a simple and small freeware ActiveX component for ZIP archive. And behold, here it is: http://www.xstandard.com/en/documentation/xzip/ HERE IS MY UDF (look also to attachment): #include-once #Tidy_Parameters=/sort_funcs /reel ; #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Debug_Mode=Y OnAutoItExitRegister("_XZIP_Shutdown") ; in case the script exit without calling _XZIP_Shutdown() #Region XZIP Include #include-once #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <String.au3> #include <WinAPIFiles.au3> #EndRegion XZIP Include #Region XZIP Header ;
  14. Hello all I was wondering if any one new of a way to extract the files from a Comic Book Archive (.cbr)? My original thought was to use 7za.exe (&-zip console app) but when I run: 7za x 1.cbr 7-zip returns: Processing archive: 1.cbr Error: Can not open file as archive Does anyone a suggestion or other method? PS I am trying to make a .cbr to .pdf script
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