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Hey Folks,

this is my first post - so hello everyone!

iam working on network drives and sometimes the user havent set up their Data folder for sharing (its there but cant be mapped), if i try to connect to those it waits very very long to connect until windows stops the process. How can i set a timeout to DriveMapAdd or can see what happens or how can i stop it?

what i do:

DriveMapAdd('X:', '\\' & $remotePC_IP & '\Data', 0, 'user', $remotePC_Name)

what i want:

if [waittime] > 2s -> consolewrite("error') and Exit



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Welcome @bLophyst you could, try ping the remote ip before trying to map, for example:

If Ping($remotePC_IP, 250) Then DriveMapAdd('X:', '\\' & $remotePC_IP & '\Data', 0, 'user', $remotePC_Name)

Also you could try using builtin CMD for example (untested):

If Ping($remotePC_IP, 250) Then RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c NET USE X: "\\' & $remotePC_IP & '\Data" /USER:User Password', "", @SW_HIDE)
If FileExists("X:") Then MsgBox(4096, "", "Drive mapping was successful")


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Hello :) ,

From what I understand. 

The user have to fill in your script if there is a share ? 

If so, you could check before doing anything, if there is shared folder on this computer with the registry


After testing if the target is pinging, and if there is share present, Then 

You could consider this code 

If FileExists("X:")

Is an additional test to see if you can access to the detected share (read only), then from here you could do whatever you want. 

I add this snippet for you

Func _RegKeyExists($_sRegKey) ;Registre
    Local $sDefault = RegRead($_sRegKey, "") ;~ Try to read default value
    Switch @error
        Case 1, 2
            ;~ Unable to open requested key | Unable to open requested main key
            Return SetError(@error, 0, 'Error: Clef du Registre: "' & $_sRegKey & '"'&" N'existe pas.")
        Case Else
            ; Registry Key Exists | Return (Default) value
            Return SetError(0, 0, $sDefault)

e.g. : (in this case : Checking if default key is present, default key always = "" if present)

$ScanOutlook = _RegKeyExists("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles")
    If $ScanOutlook = "" Then $PresenceOutlook= "Oui"

About your goal, you could test just if share is present then with a for loop doing what ever you want.

And FYI you can check registry remotely. With command line.

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