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Hex Editor COM Control

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ptrex, You should definitely make it possible to view and edit AutoIt binary data directly in this visual control and return modified data.

$dBin = Binary("abc")

$dBin should appear as "61 62 63" in the control. If you change 3 to 4, and return the modified data you get

$dBin = Binary("abd")


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Hi Lars,

Editing binary code is available out of the box. 

1. Open the application and read an EXE file

2. When you see the binary appear in the control, double click any byte you want to change and change it.


Writing back the modified value is still a mistery to me at the moment.

Once you have changed the binary data it is captured in the COM control.

And I am not sure how to access the object in the ROT., since there is no GETDATA method available ?


PS :

Thanks again for this genius IRunningObjectTable solution !  

Now we have a real use case for your iRunningObjectTable as well.


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