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Again problems with ObjCreateInterface and DllStructCreate

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I am still trying to implement a UDF for the Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
In the meantime, I've managed to do quite a bit, but the method IBackgroundCopyJob::SetProxySettings is causing me some problems.
You can find the current development status of my UDF here: https://github.com/DonChunior/BITS-UDF/tree/SetProxySettings
You can understand my problem with the following example code:

#include <BITS.au3>
#include <Array.au3>


Func Main()
    Local $oBackgroundCopyManager = _BITS_Connect()
    Local $oJob = _BITS_BackgroundCopyManager_CreateJob($oBackgroundCopyManager, "Test_Job", $BG_JOB_TYPE_DOWNLOAD)
    _BITS_BackgroundCopyJob_SetProxySettings($oJob, $BG_JOB_PROXY_USAGE_OVERRIDE, "test.proxy.i:8080", "")
    ConsoleWrite(_ArrayToString(_BITS_BackgroundCopyJob_GetProxySettings($oJob)) & @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>Main

This code outputs the following line in the console:


However, it should read as follows:


I hope someone of you can tell me where I made the mistake. 🙏

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  • Solution


SetProxySettings hresult(int;wstr;wstr)


Edit: line above  will need you pass direct string $sProxyList and $sProxyBypassList. if you want to keep using the structure as parameters.


SetProxySettings hresult(int;struct*;struct*);




Edited by Danyfirex
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