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Double click icon in system tray


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Hello, I need doubleclick icon in system tray.  I used this script, but now work. I have win 10. I'm beginner on scripting autoit. Can I help me, please? Thank you very much.

_SysTrayIconTitles () is empty



Global $title = "ShareX"

clickSysTray($title, "right")

Func clickSysTray($winTitle, $click = "left", $times = 1)
    Local $a = _SysTrayIconTitles ()
    Local $p = MouseGetPos()
    For $i = 1 To UBound($a) - 1
        If $a[$i] = $title Then
            $pos = _SysTrayIconPos ($i)
            MouseClick($click, $pos[0], $pos[1], $times, 1)
            MouseClick($click, $pos[0], $pos[1], $times, 1)
    MouseMove($p[0], $p[1], 1)
 EndFunc   ;


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what behavior you see on double click? Open the Application?

If It is. you could execute it. 


ShellExecute("C:\Users\" & @UserName & "\Desktop\ShareX.lnk")


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ShareX was just an example. When I click on my application's icons on the desktop, the application immediately appears in the system tray. If I click on the icon on the desktop repeatedly, I will see information that the application is already running

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18 hours ago, Taps said:

clickSysTray($title, "right")

That should perform a right click. Does it? If you want to perform a double click, you should change that line to

clickSysTray($title, "left", 2)

If that doesn't solve your problem, then you'll come back with more details than "doesn't work". 😉

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