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Automatique upgrade to Windows 11

Put in the same Directory your *.ISO file and the Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd from MediaCreationTool.bat. ISO can be made from uupdump.net

Compile with AutoIt and run. W11 22h2 will be deployed.

Have fun.

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description=Auto Upgrade W11
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_ProductName=Auto Upgrade W11
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    AutoIt Version:
    Author:         Cramaboule
    Date:           December 2022

    Script Function: Auto Upgrade to W11

    Source: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-command-line-options?view=windows-11

    Bug:    Not known

    To do:

    V1.0.1.1    14.02.2022:
                Fixed: Mounting ISO with spaces in path in now fixed.
                Changed: Alwayas unzipp and always install TPM with the 'install' argument.
                Fixed: Small bugs
    V1.0.1.0    17.01.2023:
                Changed: Get drive letter by loop!
    V1.0.0.1    29.12.2022:
                Changed: Get drive letter from powershell
                Changed: Check if zip is already expended
                Changed: Check if iso file is mounted
                Changed: Display message
    V1.0.0.0    28.12.2022:
                Inital relase

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <Array.au3>
#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

$sIsoFile = @ScriptDir & '\22621.963.221202-2359.NI_RELEASE_SVC_PROD1_CLIENTPRO_OEMRET_X64FRE_FR-FR.ISO'
Global $Title = 'Auto Upgrade W11'
Global $font = 'Segoe UI Light', $sFinalMessage
SplashTextOn($Title, '', 300, 400, -1, -1, $DLG_TEXTLEFT, $font, 14, 400)
_Splash('Checking free space')
$iFreeSpace = DriveSpaceFree(@HomeDrive & "\") ; usualy C:\
If Round(Number($iFreeSpace) / 1024, 2) < 15 Then
    If (MsgBox($MB_ICONERROR + $MB_YESNO, 'No free space', 'You must have at least 15 Go free on your hard disk.' & @CRLF & 'You have: ' & Round(Number($iFreeSpace) / 1024, 2) & ' Go' & @CRLF & @CRLF & 'Would you like to continue ?') = $IDNO) Then Exit

_Splash('Unzipping zip file')
RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'powershell -command "Expand-Archive -Path W11bypassTPM.zip -Force"')

_Splash('Skipping TPM')
RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'W11bypassTPM\MediaCreationTool.bat-main\bypass11\Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd install')

_Splash('Mounting ISO')
If Not (_GetDriveLetter()) Then
    RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'powershell -command "Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath \"' & $sIsoFile & '\""')
$sDrive = _GetDriveLetter()

If $sDrive Then
    _Splash('Running setup.exe')
    Run(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'start ' & $sDrive & ':\setup.exe /auto upgrade /dynamicupdate disable /eula accept')
    Sleep(10000) ; 10 secondes
    _Splash('Error: No Setup found')
    MsgBox($MB_TOPMOST + $MB_ICONERROR, 'Error', 'No "Setup.exe" found' & @CRLF & 'Error: ' & $sDrive)

Func _GetDriveLetter()
    Local $sOutput = ''
    For $i = 1 To 26
        ; A = 65
        $Letter = Chr($i + 64)
        If FileExists($Letter & ':\sources\install.wim') Then
            Return $Letter
    Return False
EndFunc   ;==>_GetDriveLetter

Func _Splash($message)
    $sFinalMessage = $sFinalMessage & $message & @CRLF
    ControlSetText($Title, "", "Static1", $sFinalMessage)
EndFunc   ;==>_Splash


Edited by cramaboule
Remove sensitiv data
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Hummmmm. Honestlely I do not know. 

 * UUP dump - Download UUP files from Windows Update servers with ease. *  that's what they say on their website.
If 'skip TPM' is against MS rules then feel free to remove the post.

I havn't think about that!


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    • By cramaboule
      I am %*&%*+$ with the Windows Updates every 2 weeks or so... And my people who never do their updates...
      So... fortunately, I have AutoIt and my brain (lol)
      Basically my approach is the following: I push the new KB's and users will receive a notification when they want to do their updates
      1. Reboot, install and shutdown at the end of the day
      2. Reboot later
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      Edit: typo

      ManageWU-IE.zip 60 downloads
    • By r2du-soft
      I am using Windows 11
      on Windows 11 when i use  @OSVersion, Autoit return WIN_10
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      Hi, I created a gui with date field but formatted as time in HH:mm. It always shows "now-time". Even if I try to set it with GUICtrlSetData.
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      Regards, Conrad
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      I have tried with VB script and it is working fine,
      Here is the VB Script file
      Dim Installer Dim Database Dim View Dim Record Dim query query="INSERT INTO `Binary` (`Name`, `Data`) VALUES ('NewBlob', ?)" Set Installer = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer") Set Record = Installer.CreateRecord(1) Record.SetStream 1, "C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\coder\CA_Test.vbs" Set Database = Installer.OpenDatabase("C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\7z920.msi", 1) Set View = Database.OpenView(query) View.Execute Record Database.Commit when i tried the same thing in autoit it is not working and it is not giving any syntax error.
      AutoIt file: 
      #include <File.au3> $idVarInput_CAName="CA_Test" $filepath="C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\coder\CA_Test.vbs" $idVarInput_MSIPath="C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\7z920.msi" $value="?" Local $Query = "INSERT INTO Binary(Name,Data) VALUES('" & $idVarInput_CAName & "','" & $value & "')" $oInstaller = ObjCreate("WindowsInstaller.Installer") $oRec=$oInstaller.CreateRecord(1) $r=$oRec.SetStream(1,$filepath) $oDB = $oInstaller.OpenDataBase($idVarInput_MSIPath,1) $oView = $oDB.OpenView($Query) $oView.Execute($oRec) $oDB.commit() Please Help!
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