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AutoUpdater - false / positive problem

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Hey guys,

I having some hard times getting false-positive, probably because I am trying to execute my AutoUpdater.

Here is my code:

Global $iUpdateTimer = 0

While 1

Func checkUpdates($iDelay = 10)
    $iDelay = $iDelay * 1000 * 60
    If TimerDiff($iUpdateTimer) > $iDelay Then
        ConsoleWrite('checking for updates...' & @CRLF)
        $iUpdateTimer = TimerInit()

        If FileExists('AutoUpdater.exe') Then ShellExecuteWait('AutoUpdater.exe') ; this is the line which cause my problem

And AutoUpdater code:

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include <FileConstants.au3>

Global $sExecName = 'test.exe'
Global $sUpdatePath = @UserProfileDir &'\desktop\AnyAppName\update\'& $sExecName
Global $sUserPath = @UserProfileDir &'\desktop\AnyAppName\'& $sExecName
Global $sCopyright = 'someUniqueStringHere'

If Not FileExists($sUpdatePath) Then Exit 0
If FileGetVersion($sUpdatePath, $FV_LEGALCOPYRIGHT) <> $sCopyright Then Exit 0 ; checking if we really want to update and execute the file

If FileGetVersion($sUpdatePath) > FileGetVersion($sUserPath) Then
    $iResponse = MsgBox(BitOR($MB_YESNO, $MB_ICONQUESTION),'AnyAppName', 'There is an update available, would you like to update?')
    If $iResponse == $IDYES Then
        If ProcessExists($sExecName) Then
        FileCopy($sUpdatePath, $sUserPath, $FC_OVERWRITE)
        Exit 1
Exit 0

I am not trying to ask, why is my code is getting recognized as false-positive, because this is quite obvious, but is there any other way to get things done without running external process?


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thanks Jos, it is really good place to start but I have already read this.

the problem is, I dont want to indicate my AutoUpdater as false-positive on every single workstation in my company.
just wondering if there is any other way to autoupdate my compiled script file.

I can always wait till the end of the day, and then manually update all the copies of my compiled script but I am not really satisfied with this option.

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The script could set itself in the whilelist of the AV, so you do not have to perform this task manually.  Shouldn't be too much of a problem to program it.  Once it is done, then run your autoUpdater.

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I made a lot of noise around the topic, but today when I got back to work, everything seems completely fine.

I have just changed one line:

; orignal line
If FileExists('AutoUpdater.exe') Then ShellExecuteWait('AutoUpdater.exe')

; changed to
If FileExists('AutoUpdater.exe') Then RunWait('AutoUpdater.exe')

and the false-positive is gone.

Thank you guys for all your help, especially @Exit - will try this one.

By the way, we are using ESET Antivirus, if someone is interested.

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