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Help: Exe Crypt & Exe Decrypt Then Execute

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Hello. I am having a problim. What i want to do is extract a encryted exe (Not made from autoit) file from the autoit script via fileinstall, then decrypt the exe in memory then execute it. This way, people could not copy the origanl exe, then run it withiout running the script first.

How would i go about doing this?

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wow thats gonna be hard.

if i would do it (not that i would) i would put the entire code in a dllstruct (hex form).

then you need to decrypt it.

then you would need to dynamicly change the pointers in your structure to point to the dllstruct for your variables.

and create a thread of the code using dllcall & wait for it to be done

(forgot the exact command, brouwse on msdn, something like WaitForObjectEx with -1).

My UDF's:;mem stuff_Mem;ftp stuff_FTP ( OLD );inet stuff_INetGetSource ( OLD )_INetGetImage _INetBrowse ( Collection )_EncodeUrl_NetStat_Google;random stuff_iPixelSearch_DiceRoll

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