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Decrypting Ie History Files

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Hello. I am having a problim. I need to decrypt a Internet explorer history file so i can read the website history. Could someoene pleaseput me in the right direction for this? I remeber reading a post about this but i can no longer find it.

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I know this has been idle for a while, but I was looking for the same thing, and got this code working. There's almost no documentation in the code, but the fun is learnin as you go, right?

Hope this helps.....

;~     The following was taken from the following web page:  http://www.codecomments.com/archive299-2004-6-200442.html
;~  and (clumsily) converted from vbscript to AutoIt3 by me.  
;~  Thanks to the original poster: Christoph Basedau

Const $dump_file_name = "history_dump.txt"
Const $dump_dir = "C:\"
$objDump = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
With $objDump
    $dump = .createtextfile ($dump_dir & $dump_file_name, True, 0)
$sh = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
Const $ssfHISTORY = 34
$history = $sh.NameSpace($ssfHISTORY)
;first level items a grouped by date
;(today, yesterday, last w)
For $item In $history.items
    $dump.WriteLine($history.GetDetailsOf ($item, -1))
    If $item.isFolder Then
        $itFol = $item.GetFolder
        For $item2 In $itFol.items
            $dump.WriteLine(@TAB & $itFol.GetDetailsOf ($item2, -1))
            If $item2.isFolder Then
                $itFol2 = $item2.GetFolder
                For $item3 In $itFol2.items
                    $url = $itFol2.GetDetailsOf ($item3, 0)
                    $title = $itFol2.GetDetailsOf ($item3, 1)
                    $date_vis = $itFol2.GetDetailsOf ($item3, 2)
                    $dump.WriteLine(@TAB & @TAB & @TAB & $date_vis & " : " & $title)
$dump.close ()
; open textfile
$sh.namespace ($dump_dir).parsename ($dump_file_name).InvokeVerb ()

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lol spyro your from the PI. My name is the same on there

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