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Easy Font Download & Install Manager

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OK, I have been working on this all day. It is a AutoIt font download & install manager!

For anyone that likes to download fonts, this is a must-have!

Simply run this script and then go to http://www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts.html and

find your favroite font(s). Click the download link and then this script will take it from there!

After the script downloads it to "my documents\My Fonts" it will ask you if you want to install it.

Click yes or no. There you go a easy and fast and functional font download and install manager!

Download: fontmanager.au3

Any ideas/improvments/comments?

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hmmm its actualy not to bad

improvment would be make a gui that gets all the fonts and such yeah its goign to be hard but with IE.au3 it shouldnt be to hard, or id say just make a GUI embed a IE in there instead of having people search on IE , just would make peoples life easier

possibly add a tray tip option for auto install?

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