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I have tryed to convert this Visual Basic script into autoit, but I am so new to visual basic that i just cant.

If soemone could convert this code to autoit i would be very greatful!

Here is the VB Code:

Option Explicit
Public WithEvents msn As MsgrObject
Attribute msn.VB_VarHelpID = -1

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set msn = New MsgrObject
End Sub

Private Sub msn_OnTextReceived(ByVal pIMSession As Messenger.IMsgrIMSession, ByVal User As Messenger.IMsgrUser, ByVal bstrMsgHeader As String, ByVal bstrMsgText As String, pfEnableDefault As Boolean)
If bstrMsgText = "hi" Then
User.SendText bstrMsgHeader, "Hello", MMSGTYPE_ALL_RESULTS
End If
End Sub

Help appreicted VERY MUCH! I really need this converted and would be very greatful to the person who could do it!

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