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OK after a few hours of work, i present you with V1.0 of Easy AutoResponder. This script will allow you to set up a message to send out to your contacts on windows messenger when they open your chat window, telling them the message of your choice. The message that goes out is very custimizable becasue you have full access to the Header that is sent out with the message.

It uses a small OCX that i made and have included in the zip, to make communication with windows messenger better.


I soon plan to make and realese a messenger chat bot written in autoit / a little ocx.

Comments appriciated!

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I used your old MSN UDF to do almost the exact same thing.

#include <MSN.au3>

$msn = _msncreate()

while 1

Func _msn_OnTextReceived($IMSession, $IMUser, $MsgHeader, $MsgText, $Something)

$win = _msnopenchatwindow($msn, $IMUser)

_msnsendtext($win, "I am Away!")


I wrote the first version in fast reply as I thought you would get the message. Try this.

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