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File Associations

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I am making a autoit script that will open a certin file type and i need the script to set the file associations in the registry for it.

The extention is .pak

Thanks help appriciated!

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hmm... Kinda hard to explain, but i'll try.

look at this in the registry:


those are all the file types on your computer.

the "defualt" key should be the content-type.

such as the following, for .au3 files:


now, if you look down further, you'll find a key called, "AutoIt3Script". Inside that key are the following in the following order:

+DefaultIcon = (default) Location to icon file

+Shell = (default) Run

++RightClickMenu Item1 = (default) Title of the menu ;Under shell.

+++Command = (default) Location of the program to run.... ;Under RightClickMenu Item1. It does'nt have to be called, rightclickmenu item1

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