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Anyone has a Nostale online - Health script?

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I will have soon, currently working on it.

UDF:Crypter a file encrypt / decrypt tool with no need to remember a password again. Based on Caesar cipher using entire ASCII Table.Script's: PixelSearch Helper, quick and simple way to create a PixelSeach.Chatserver - simplified, not so complicated multi-socket server.AutoIT - Firewall, simple example on howto create a firewall with AutoIt.

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Func GetOwnHealth()
    $y = 130 - 72 + $Pos[1]
    $intX = 217 - 109 + $Pos[0]
    $endX = 354 - 109 + $Pos[0]
    For $x = $intX to $endX
        If PixelGetColor($x,$y) == 1447446 Then
    Return Int(($x-$intX)/($endX-$intX)*100)

I've had this for a long time. It is part of my bot.

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