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UDF: _StringObfuscate()

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Did you konw yuor biarn is slitl albe to raed tetxes if the mlddie lrettes are sdeppaw? Yse? But did you aslo konw you can gtarenee scuh ttxes in AtIotu? No? Now you can - unisg tihs llttie UDF!

#Include <String.au3>
Func _StringObfuscate($phrase)
    Dim $words[255][4]
    $newstring = ""
    $special = 0
    $string = StringSplit($phrase, " ")
    $words[0][0] = $string[0]
    For $i = 1 to $string[0]
        If StringLen($string[$i]) = 1 Then
            $words[$i][3] = 1
            $words[$i][3] = 0
        $stringl = StringLeft($string[$i], 1)
        $stringr = StringRight($string[$i], 1)
        If $stringr = "!" OR $stringr = "." OR $stringr = "," OR $stringr = ":" Then
            $special = 1
            $words[$i][1] = StringRight($string[$i], 2)
            $words[$i][1] = $stringr
        $words[$i][0] = $stringl
        If $special = 0 Then
            $words[$i][2] = StringTrimRight(StringTrimLeft($string[$i],1),1)
            $words[$i][2] = StringTrimRight(StringTrimLeft($string[$i],1),2)
        $special = 0
    For $i = 1 to $words[0][0]
        If $words[$i][3] = 0 Then
            $newstring &= " " & $words[$i][0] & _StringReverse($words[$i][2]) & $words[$i][1]
            $newstring &= " " & $words[$i][0]
    Return StringTrimLeft($newstring, 1)

; Example:
MsgBox(0, "Weird text", _StringObfuscate("You should be able to read this without a problem!"))

Yeah, it has no real use (maybe to confuse other people), but it's still fun. Enjoy!

Edited by gosu

[quote name='d2hacker88' date='Jan 6 2005, 05:10 PM']Can someone please help me out with autoit like gimme a link on how to use it cause i have no experience with computer languages and i'd like to make a program with autoit in order to empress my computer teacher.[right][snapback]52215[/snapback][/right][/quote]

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Did you konw yuor biarn is slitl albe to raed tetxes if the mlddie lrettes are sdeppaw? the bold word is wrong, 'd' should be last letter.

Nice UDF, interesting concept.

Edited by RazerM
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