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Hey, how can I get a quotation mark escape in a string? Thanks!

Umm.... Escape a quotation mark??? What on earth do you mean....Are they attacking you???

P.S. Google didn't help :D

EDIT: Hang on........ I know now...... :D

So you want to put " into a string??? use single quotes (like ').... and from the helpfile :)

Strings are enclosed in double-quotes like "this". If you want a string to actually contain a double-quote use it twice like:

"here is a ""double-quote"" - ok?"

You can also use single-quotes like 'this' and 'here is a ' 'single-quote' ' - ok?'

You can mix quote types to make for easier working and to avoid having to double-up your quotes to get what you want. For example if you want to use a lot of double-quotes in your strings then you should use single-quotes for declaring them:

'This "sentence" contains "lots" of "double-quotes" does it not?'

is much simpler than:

"This ""sentence"" contains ""lots"" of ""double-quotes"" does it not?"

When evaluated, strings can have Env variables or Var variables substitution according to Opt() function definition.

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$str = ' "quoted text" not quoted text...'


Basicly Bert's example taken inn to use :)

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