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quick question before I get started

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I have used macro's in the past but have never wrote any. Well its time I learned to write my own and was just wondering how much I can and cannot do with a macro.

What I need to do is somehow monitor a few aspects of the game like health and when it reaches a certain lvl heal myself.

Is something like this possilbe with macros?

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With AutoIt you are almost able to do anything.

Inn your case you would need to either create a function where you read the pixels of you healthbar inn the game, or find its memory location.

then if health drops under your set % you make it heal.

Heres a silly script that shows different cases if health is under a set %.

Dim $health = 100

While 1
    $health -=1
    If $health < 0 Then
        $health = 100
        Case $health < 1
            ConsoleWrite("YOU DIE. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)
        Case $health < 10
            ConsoleWrite("You'r about to die. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)
        Case $health < 20 
            ConsoleWrite("You'r health is very low. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)
        Case $health < 50
            ConsoleWrite("You should heal now. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)
        Case $health < 75
            ConsoleWrite("You should consider to heal now. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)
        Case $health < 100
            ConsoleWrite("Health ok. Current health is: "&$health&@CRLF)

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Ok I have done some searching and found the health address at 00F36838 could someone give me a sample line of code on how to get autoit to read this from game then from that I can setup the heal and the feed/heal pet options using keys F1-F3 keys.


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Use the _Mem by w0uter

well I have looked at the examples in the help file and still have no idea how to set this up lol guess i'll try some other things to get the same result. But thanks

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