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tcp getting info from server

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hello i need some help please

i want to get info from the server for example the computer name and then send the computer name over to the client

i know i would have to use TCPRecv and and TCPSend but how do i tell it what info i want from the socket

i bet it's not even hard to do but for me to have to think of the process is hurting my head i tell it what socket i am connected to and tell it how much data i want send and recv but no option to pick the data you want back

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You want something like this?


;Server Script. RUN FIRST
$MainSocket = TCPListen(TCPNameToIP(@computername), 65432,  100 )
If $MainSocket = -1 Then Exit
While 1
    $ConnectedSocket = TCPAccept( $MainSocket)
    If $ConnectedSocket >= 0 Then
While 1
    If $Message<>"" Then
        Switch $Message
            Case "IPAddress"
            Case "ComputerName"
            Case "UserName"
            Case "LogonDomain"
            Case Else
                $Info="Unknown command"

Run the server at the remote computer, then run the client at yours. Enter the info you want to get from the server (IPAddress,ComputerName,UserName,etc...)

Should work.

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you sure you have port 65432 open?

Edit: and forwarded to your server computer. (inncase you are running this script over internet)

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Sorry, I deleted it because I got it working with IP but now I'm trying it with a friend, and I can't get it working again. How do I know if the port is open? And do the computers need to be on the same network? Or could I be running this script with someone halfway across the globe?

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