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Im trying to write my results to a file.

i know i need to use _FileListToArray but not sure where/how to put it

anything else i need to include?

#include <file.au3>
$sFile = @ScriptDir & "\settings.txt"

Dim $assets
If Not _FileReadToArray("assets.txt",$assets) Then
   MsgBox(4096,"Error", " Cannot Find assets.txt " )
For $x = 1 to $assets[0]

$ets1 = IniRead("\\" & $assets[$x] & "\c$\program files\ETS\BIN\ets.ini", "ENVIRONMENT", "PRIMARY_SERVER", "NotFound")

_FileWriteFromArray($sFile, $ets1)


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Does not look like "$ets1" is a array.

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