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OK, just finished my second autoit guestbook system.

It uses SQLite as a database, and has a simple templating engine.

Take a look at it in action: http://www.au3.us/guestbook/

And download it here: http://www.au3.us/projects/au3guestbook.zip


-Simple Templating engine

-BBCode support

-Basic admin panel for deleting posts


Simply change the index.au3 file extension to whatever extension your webserver is configured to execute AutoIt scripts is. For example, mine uses "a3w". The script will automatically detect the extension change so no need to edit the code!

Use your webbrowser to navigate to the script and follow the on screen installation.

Feedback appreciated!

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The sub-title was right-on!

Pretty nice guest-book system written in autoit



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I just got my old guestbook script from TheGuy, and I can't make heads or tails of my own code. Yours is... well, it's just much better. Although, how come you have no indentation in your code? It kinda makes it confusing :)

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