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#2735 Error in helpfile guinness Bug Documentation
#2745 HelpFile <> Official Site - Windows Compability guinness Bug Documentation
#2748 _WinAPI_SaveHBITMAPToFile in WinAPIGdi.au3 is bugged guinness Bug AutoIt
#2773 _FTP_ProgressUpload - examples guinness Bug Documentation
#2782 $ guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2803 _ArrayMaxIndex _ArrayMinIndex @error on single element array guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2816 _GDIPlus_ImageLoadFromFile return value guinness Bug AutoIt
#2821 _DateToDayOfWeekISO Example wrong comment guinness Bug Documentation
#2828 _IEFormElementSetValue typo guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2848 History: "THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE" - not all are strong/bold guinness Bug Documentation Other
#2856 Tutorial - HelloWorld - "manual" guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2908 _ScreenCapture_Capture crash guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2909 _PathMake() issues in <File.au3> guinness Bug AutoIt Other
#2910 Example for _WinAPI_RegisterShellHookWindow() not working guinness Bug Documentation
#2961 FileGetSize() Documentation guinness Bug Documentation
#2967 Error in function __EventLog_DecodeTime guinness Bug AutoIt
#2986 _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnOrderArray - typo in parameters description guinness Bug Documentation
#3023 GUISetHelp.au3 - HelpFile Example guinness Bug Documentation
#3046 Obj/COM Reference: typos guinness Bug Future Release Documentation
#3047 _MathCheckDiv: Purpose inaccurate guinness Bug Documentation
#3063 Typo in WinAPISys.au3 guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3068 Documentation fix: Switch guinness Bug Documentation
#3079 _StringInsert(): add Remark for clarity guinness Bug Documentation
#3081 Re-wording of $WS_EX_MDICHILD in GUICreate() guinness Bug Documentation
#3086 spelling mistake guinness Bug Documentation
#3091 _WinAPI_RegQueryValue never returns the buffer size on ERROR_MORE_DATA error guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3092 Inconsistent default style of Updown control guinness Bug Future Release Documentation
#3154 Description of \s is wrong in StringRegExp help file guinness Bug Documentation
#3233 _GUICtrlListBox_GetSelCount returns 0 also if $hwnd isn't a handle guinness Bug AutoIt
#3178 _WinAPI_SaveHICONToFile function error Variable used without being declared mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#3201 _IEImgGetCollection Example 1 mLipok Bug Documentation
#3223 _IEPropertySet - On Success returns 0 instead 1 mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#3226 StringRegExp : "complete description of PCRE patterns link" not found mLipok Bug Documentation
#3239 _IEFormElementOptionSelect Doesn't Return Error on NoMatch mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#3246 _IENavigate not working redirect on IE 11/Win 10 mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#3541 Typo in _WinAPI_DragQueryFileEx sample code mLipok Bug Documentation
#3738 Com error in _IEAttach with embedded IE mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#2 Test2 somebody Bug Future Release AutoIt
#1257 Fix bugs in Static array handling trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1319 AutoIt3.exe always exists after closing script with RichEdit trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1395 DLLCallbacks on Exit trancexx Bug AutoIt Other
#1485 Hard crash with ContinueCase trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1498 #RequireAdmin causes script to not complete/run when UAC is turned off and user has normal privileges trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1519 Number conversion routines are inconsistent trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1551 Crash the script when changing array trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1566 Array as its own element issue trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1694 Number(), Fails to return proper value for int32 value range case. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1759 Strange listview sort trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#1760 #OnAutoItStartRegister, ignores single quoted function names. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1982 FileGetShortName crashes when path is too long trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2003 ProcessWaitClose() using too much CPU trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2015 DllCallbackRegister() mangles floating point numbers under x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2033 Helpfile - TCPSend - non working Example trancexx Bug Documentation
#2034 _GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu - bug when BitOr($MF_BYPOSITION, $MF_STRING) is used trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#2036 Small error in GuiListView.au3 trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#2037 COM speed deterioration trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2067 $n=-2147483648 is not an int32 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2073 ContinueLoop crashes script if nothing to jump trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2076 Object value can't be set True trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2078 Error in com expression trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2088 _ArrayDisplay not handling Default parameters correctly trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#2113 AU3Check misinterprets some object's property names as AI keywords trancexx Bug Au3Check
#2176 DllCallbackRegister crash on x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2222 Cyrillic names of COM object / methods trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2247 Documentation needs change for @Desktop macros trancexx Bug Documentation
#2253 Ping returns success with no connection trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2163 _ExcelBookClose dont work correctly on _ExcelBookAttach on more than one opened wokdbook water Bug Standard UDFs
#2199 _ExcelSheetAddNew() abends if specified sheet already exists water Bug Standard UDFs
#2988 _Excel_RangeFind fails without throwing error when searching inactive book with string as Range water Bug Standard UDFs
#2993 _Excel_RangeFind returns only last occurrence of string found Rather than ALL water Bug Standard UDFs
#3031 Macro Reference > @MSEC typo water Bug Documentation
#3105 Example doesn't exist water Bug Documentation
#3325 _Word_DocSaveAs not working with the default $sFileName parameter water Bug Standard UDFs
#3704 _FileWriteToLine docs update for hidden files water Bug Documentation
#43 IniReadSectionNames returning incorrect number of sections (extra blank section) Bug AutoIt
#68 GUIWrapper not saving option Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#117 TimeExecution Bug AutoIt
#129 "Bugs" on the main Trac page (Jon's links do not work) Bug Future Release Other Other
#194 Minor SciTeConfig error Bug Future Release AutoIt Other
#209 Another guictrldelete win32 exception Bug AutoIt
#274 AutoIt V2 Website Bug Future Release Other Other
#346 Remove the FileOpenDialog/FileSaveDialog filter length limit Bug Future Release AutoIt
#402 Execute crashe on failure in production version Bug AutoIt
#438 Vista 64: ProgramDir Bug Future Release Documentation
#708 ControlGetText() does not work properly. Bug AutoIt
#709 WinGetTitle() returning '[SOH]' character, instead of title of target window. Bug AutoIt
#810 Local or Global declarations can ignore OnAutoItExit function Bug AutoIt
#854 InetGetSize Bug AutoIt
#877 errors in der helpfile for AutoIt Part 1 Bug Future Release Documentation
#902 Typo in AutoIT Help (.chm file) _SQLite_GetTable Bug Documentation
#910 Static Right justified text Bug Future Release Documentation
#941 Changes to macro auto completion tips Bug AutoIt
#972 Example file incorrect Bug Documentation
#976 InetGet with more than 2 params fails Au3Check Bug Other
#996 Beta documentation errors (Tweaky) Bug Documentation
#997 Not-updated documentation with regard to ablibEnable. Bug Documentation
#999 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused Bug Future Release Documentation
#1030 Check spelling Bug Documentation
#1121 uninstall, beta, file FTPEx.au3 still standing. Bug AutoIt
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