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About This File

Pic2Vector permit to easily convert bitmap Images to clean Vector Art and save it result to jpg, png, bmp or gif format.


See Topic for more details and examples.


What's New in Version


  • Settings can be saved by creating a profil.
  • No more appcrash window for autotrace.exe.
  • New buttons for display compatibility with xp.
  • Externals files are embedded, no more downloads needed.
  • Some minor improvements.
  • Added new examples to topic.

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Nice and easy to use, although the configuration of the paramater can be kind of hard tog rasp if you dont have the knowledge of terminology

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      Global $ma_border = GUICtrlCreateGraphic(100, 180, 40, 40) GUICtrlSetGraphic($ma_border, $GUI_GR_COLOR, 0x00000, $COLOR_BLUE) GUICtrlSetGraphic($ma_border, $GUI_GR_RECT, 0, 0, 40, 40) GUICtrlSetState(-1,$GUI_DISABLE) And what happens is first func = draw rectangle is pushed to parameters from GUICtrlCreateGraphic func. Left: 100, Top: 180.
      I can simplu reverse order of these func execution but There is too much things to change in my code.
      Can something be done to prevent this slipping?