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Minesweeper Trainer using Nomad's memory UDF

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You didn't state Which Version of "winmine.exe" this works for

- as you probably have guessed, the memory addresses will change whenever the program is changed.

(I'm not sure how many version of winmine there are...)

Additionally, your program doesn't bother to check if "winmine.exe" on the client's computer is the same as the one you're using, which presents the possibility of causing program errors or worse when editing memory.

Also, I did a minesweeper trainer back in June:

See Here

It doesn't use NomadMemory but it works fine (several things possible) and checks for the correct program version.


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Editing memory at an address for XP's minesweeper on vista could have disastrous effects (What if the address instead belonged to a vital windows process? like explorer?)

What version is this for? XP, or vista?


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