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Run a script as a service

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I've read various topics on here about running the script as a service but can't get it to work. Here is the test script I'm running....


While 1=1
    Beep(4000, 200)

Then I create a service with this....

sc.exe create "MyService" binpath= "C:\MyScript.exe" type= own type= interact start= auto DisplayName= "MyService"

The service is created fine. However, when I try to start the service with this....

sc.exe start "MyService"

... I get the following message...

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Can anyone show me how to actually do this?



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Thanks, I'd already read that earlier on - but I was trying to make use of SC.EXE which is 'meant' to be able to do this. I already tested the script with RunAsSvc and it works fine with that too. Just seems to be SC.EXE which is a problem, though I can't think why.

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I believe SC is simply a commandline interface to the Service Control Manager. It has nothing to do with making non-service executables into services.

You can use the Services UDF mentioned by Whim to accomplish what you want. Else you have to use another tool to launch any exe as a service.

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