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Testing: No class, instance, id etc available from AutoIt Window Info).. :(

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Is there anyone who knows if class, instance, id etc can be found in anyway when AutoIt Window Info is not able to? I can't find any in the application i am trying to do some automated test against. I created my first AutoIt tests yesterday based only on sending keys, e.g. navigating with tab keys etc but this is not a solution I would like to have. I am not interested in using pixel coordinates.

Overall AutoIt seems really nice and the help file is great altough I couldn't figure out a solution to this. I read something about that external screen readers might do the trick but I have no solution yet. :graduated:

Looked in the faq and tried searching in the forum (1000 results) but can't find the info I am looking for..

Appreciate any input from you on this. Thanks.

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Tell us more about the window and control you are working with. AU3Info didn't come up completely empty handed, what did it show? Post the contents of the Summary Tab.

There are control types that AutoIt can't do anything with because they don't have an external API. Delphi Grid controls, and Flash objects are examples of the trouble makers.


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Definitly. It is a .NET application and WPF is used. This is what the summary tab shows:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: FSA

Class: HwndWrapper[FSA.Client.exe;FSA Main GUI Thread;bbd1214c-878f-4d87-bb84-5d72e386e95e]

Position: -8, -8

Size: 1696, 1026

Style: 0x17CF0000

ExStyle: 0x00040100

Handle: 0x0003053C

>>>> Control <<<<





Advanced (Class):





ControlClick Coords:




>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 1186, 293

Cursor ID: 2

Color: 0xFFFFFF

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

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Windows Presentation Foundation uses Direct3D to draw its GUI, and AutoIt can't read anything from DirectX apps since the 'GUI' is basically one big bitmap as far as the system can 'see'. In cases like this, it might be best to just use coordinates and click on items that are in fixed positions. I don't know if there's any way to dig further into the program to spy on messages being sent when GUI elements are clicked, but it would be interesting to find out if there are any workarounds. Perhaps image-search DLLs or even just pixelsearch can be helpful here..

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