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Winactivate Firefox.exe & Chrome.exe

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Hey guys, I tried search but most of the topics are a bit too advanced for what I'm looking for, I'm just a simple hobbyist.

Anyway, basically my friend constantly leaves his browser open and it really drives me crazy so I'm writing a simple program that, after the computer is out of use for 30 minutes, activates each browser, creates a bookmark folder with everything open, then kills the process.

My problem is, the only way I know to activate a window is to use winactivate, but in order to use it properly I think I need to know the name of the window.. gmail, functions, etc etc etc.. and I just generally want to activate firefox or chrome and I don't really know how.

I'll link my code to give anyone interested an idea of what I'm doing.. also, I just realized that if multiple windows exist I'll need to just use WinClose and use processexist to see if I need to loop again... I'll work on that. I'll get to that later, shouldn't be an issue.

If you see any other problems with my code feel free, like I say I'm not a programmer by nature, mostly do engineering and physics sort of stuff so I apologize for my amateur writing.

Func bookmark()
    WinActivate("Firefox", "Firefox")
    WinActivate("Chrome", "Chrome")
    MsgBox(262144,'Debug line ~' & @ScriptLineNumber,'Selection:' & @lf & ' ProcessClose("chrome.exe")' & @lf & @lf & 'Return:' & @lf &  ProcessClose("chrome.exe")) ;### Debug MSGBOX
EndFunc   ;==>bookmark
While 1
    $old = MouseGetPos()
    $y = 1
    While $y <> 2
        Sleep(60000 * 0.25)
        $new = MouseGetPos()
        If $new[0] == $old[0] And $new[1] == $old[1] Then
    $y = 2

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Have a look at the WinTitieMatchMode Option (Opt) <-helpfile

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ;1=start, 2=subStr, 3=exact, 4=advanced, -1 to -4=Nocase

WinActivate("Mozilla Firefox")


Thank you, I will look into it next chance I get to break from my work and work on my code :graduated:

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      In Chrome and Edge, I never see the Open File window on top... and I neither see "Window not found" message (seems like AutoIt finds it but doesn't send keys).
      Edit: before to send this post, I started thinking again and... after several tests, I discovered one thing: when you select the window, in Firefox (and Pale Moon) the cursor goes to the combobox (where I have to put the text) and it's possible to write just after clicking (or opening, what in AutoIt it is "Activate" I guess) the window but in Chrome and Edge it isn't like that, when you click the window, the cursor doesn't go to the combobox.
      With that "discovery", I tried to select the combobox but... I failed again. And now I have no idea how to go ahead.
      #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> $title = "Abrir" WinActivate($title) If WinActive($title) Then ControlClick($title, "", 1148) ; Still it does not work send("C:\Users\myuser\images\my_image.jpg") Send("{ENTER}") Else MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "WinActive", "Window not found.") EndIf  
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      #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Handleit() Func Handleit() If WinExists("[CLASS:MsiDialogCloseClass]","InstallShield") Then WinActivate("[CLASS:MsiDialogCloseClass]","Installshield") Send("!f") Else MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Uhhh... something didn't work. Fix it!") EndIf EndFunc Is there anything that I can substitute for the CLASS? 
      Thank you for taking the time to read my question! 
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