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Scripts, GUI and WinPE


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I have done a small script, to test something.

I made a form that has one button, that pings a a IP address, so, when i run the code the CMD window pops up, and shows the PC being pinged.

However, when i run the same scrip in winPE, it does not work.

Does commands differ when running it in winPE?

Secondly, i want to make my own imagex GUI, for restoring wim images in PE, can someone give me example code of getting a indicator how far the process is?

I tried google, but im a bit of a autoIT nub, so the stuff i read does not help much.


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I do all preliminary testing in a live OS before the next phase of testing WinPE. There is no difference to ping in WinPE than in Windows. Then again, you haven't posted any code. I've never had to ping using AutoIT, all my ping commands are done with the startnet.cmd.

I'm sure there are some AutoIT implementations for deployment... perhaps look into http://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit-tools/gimagex/

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I have also made a GUI to do with restoring wim files in Windows PE and Bart PE to restore windows xp and windows 7 wim files to machines. This code is useful for doing progress bars regarding imagex progress and may help you on your way.

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