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Printing a string back to the command line


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Hello. I found created a long time ago of exactly the thing i'm trying to do, but its resolution isn't working for me.

I would like to write some text back to the commandline that executed my compilied AutoIT script. Nothing complicated and i did a search and found ConsoleWrite. My code currently looks like this but, nothing is written back in to the cmd window.

Case $CmdLine[$i] = "-spath"
If $i == $CmdLine[0] Then
  ConsoleWrite("-spath requires a path to be specified" & @CRLF)
  Msgbox(0,"Test", "-spath requires a path to be specified")

So when -spath is not supplied with a path to a file, it writes back to the cmdline "there was no path". The msgbox is just there to show me it's got to the right part of the code.

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If you want to use ConsoleWrite to output to a CMD console window you must change the GUI to a CUI. You can use a wrapper flag but the specific syntax and command are eluding me right now. Something to the effect of AutoItWrapperChangetoCUI=Y (must be compiled)

Alternatively check this out.

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Sorry to be a pain but i don't understand what i need to do with this. With StdInWrite, i'm confused about the "child process" bit. Sorry for sounding like a noob but, is that asking for the process id of the command window that launched the program? From what i can see, it looks to be used for if i run something within my script, but i'm running an .exe version of my AutoIT script, not a command window from within it.

What i'm doing is running my AutoIT script from the command line which i would like to pass some switches in

eg AutoITScript.exe -spath "C:\blah\blah" -v -p 46

And to that command window, i want to output if a switch has incorrect data like -v wasn't specificed.

Ugh, i'm confusing myself with this, i can explain it again if it's unclear.

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Hi ndw,

like spudw2k already stated you need to add the following line at the top of your script:


But you'll need to compile it from Scite script editor. Please make sure you've installed the latest version.

Running the script from Scite: the ConsoleWrites are displayed in the output pane.

Running the script from CMD: The ConsoleWrites are displayed in the command window.

Running the script by double-click: The ConsoleWrites are displayed in a temp. command window, that will disappear after program termination.

Regards,Hannes[spoiler]If you can't convince them, confuse them![/spoiler]
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