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How and What to use ?

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I'm new to AutoIt, I have been going through the website but don't understand most part of it.

Basically I'm trying to make a php,mysql,apache based web app look like a desktop app. Something like user click on exe file and the app gets installed on specified port etc...

I also would like to pack the whole whole exe and add license key feature...

Can anyone direct me where to start ? What should I use ? Is it possible to achieve this using AutoIt ?

Thanks in advance

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I do not know if it is possible to do what you want, but here is a good start - also the search feature in help and a couple of other tutorials are here to help you. If I find the links I will post them.

All by me:

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WIKI | Tabs; | Arrays; | Strings | Wiki Arrays | How to ask a Question | Forum Search | FAQ | Tutorials | Original FAQ | ONLINE HELP | UDF's Wiki | AutoIt PDF

AutoIt Snippets | Multple Guis | Interrupting a running function | Another Send

StringRegExp | StringRegExp Help | RegEXTester | REG TUTOR | Reg TUTOT 2

AutoItSetOption | Macros | AutoIt Snippets | Wrapper | Autoit  Docs

SCITE | SciteJump | BB | MyTopics | Programming | UDFs | AutoIt 123 | UDFs Form | UDF

Learning to script | Tutorials | Documentation | IE.AU3 | Games? | FreeSoftware | Path_Online | Core Language

Programming Tips

Excel Changes




GDI Basics


GDI Rotate

GDI Graph

GDI  CheckExistingItems

GDI Trajectory

Replace $ghGDIPDll with $__g_hGDIPDll

DLL 101?

Array via Object

GDI Swimlane

GDI Plus French 101 Site

GDI Examples UEZ

GDI Basic Clock

GDI Detection

Ternary operator

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Thanks for the link and reply. The reason I have asked is because I thought people would share their experiences and guide me in a right direction. I don't wanna end up stuck with something at first place its not capable of and when there are other options.

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