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Photoshop Autosave


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This is a simple Photoshop Autosaver. It's very far from complete autosave solution, but covers the basics. It's made with English version of Photoshop CS5 in mind. And has the followind limitations:

  • Autosaves only when a Photoshop window or Photoshop undocked document is active
  • Autosaves only the active document
  • Fixed autosave interval (10 minutes)
  • Doesn't keep backups
  • The tray tooltip shows the remaining time in seconds
Here is the source

Opt('TrayMenuMode', 1)
Global Const $photoshop = '[CLASS:Photoshop]'
Global Const $document = '[CLASS:OWL.DocumentWindow]'
Global Const $interval = (1000 * (60 * 10))
Global $Exit = TrayCreateItem('Exit')
Global $start = 0
While True
    Global $Msg = TrayGetMsg()
    Switch $Msg
        Case $Exit
    Global $delta = TimerDiff($start)
    Global $remaining = Round(($interval - $delta) / 1000)
    TraySetToolTip('Next autosave in ' & $remaining & ' seconds')
    If ($delta > $interval) Then
        $start = TimerInit()
Func Autosave()
    If WinActive($photoshop) Or WinActive($document) Then
Edited by stoyan

; Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

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