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nes pad, arduino, and autoit

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I have a nes pad hooked up to an arduino sending button presses over serial via usb and can read them just fine with autoit and the commg udf. The problem is I cant figure out is how to hold down multiple keys easily, like how can i hold down the left key (the arduino sends "L") until the stop signal is sent ("3" for instance) while doing the same for down and the b button(both use the same method). I'm sure its something I'm going to kick myself for not seeing, thanks for any insight.

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Perhaps you could use a binary encoding method to transmit the states of the buttons and use bit logic instead?


0 = nothing pressed

1 = A

2 = B

4 = Select

8 = Start

16 = Up

32 = Right

64 = Down

128 = Left

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