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Password generator

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Example of creating a password:

My cat is called Barsik - www.autoitscript.com

My cat is called Barsik - Skype

My cat is called Barsik - ICQ

the key phrase + resource

The phrase is encrypted with RC4. Password = phrase.

phrase -> RC4 -> MD5 -> Dec -> "arbitrary set of symbols"

It is impossible to convert the password back

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1) RC4 reversible in the presence of a password. And there is no password. The password is not stored in the program. The phrase itself is password.

2) MD5 is not reversible, but can be compared. If the phrase is equal to 8 characters, length RC4 is 32 characters. Too great combination to use a brute force search.

3) Besides converting MD5 in any character set, which is not known. You can change this. That is not possible to get the MD5, if the character set is not the default.

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