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Logical way of checking if two of the same proccesses are running.

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Hey all, I'm working on a launcher program, were you set the settings for the application before you start it. It's a tray based program so I'm worried that the user will start the application multiple times without knowing it's open :)... So I was wondering if there was any kind of logic and faster way to check if the launcher is running... I was thinking of maybe renaming the process name in the process list so the new launcher would look for the new name, not the name it started by... But I'm not quite sure how to do that

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_singleton() in help file might be what you want?

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If coding a launcher ProcessExists() is likely more useful. Maybe have a setting if more than one instance should be run. For instance(no pun intended) something like Notepad it might be fine if they have 4 copies running. But something like Personal Video Database it may be sensible to run only one.

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I believe sleepercell42 is talking about multiple copies of the launcher app, not what it might start...


I see it now. Due to Icon in Tray the user might not know it's running. When I read it the first time it seemed like the OP wanted to prevent continuous launches of duplicate client apps. (Musta' been that error dialog that threw me off) :)

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Singleton has the advantage that it's not dependent on the exe name, so if someone renames or copies an exe and runs it again you will still know, but with ProcxessExists or ProcessList you wouldn't.

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