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ImageSearch Until. (Operator Question)

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so after searching the Forums, Google, YouTube and Other Forums, I found ImageSearch!

AnyBody Not Shure what ImageSearch is, it is a pixelsearch that looks for a image file in the ImageSearch.au3 directory and then Looks for it on the Screen :)

Great Stuff !

Here is a Little Example where i Search for a .png

#include <ImageSearch.au3>
$x = 0
$y = 0
$res = _imagesearcharea("GreenYellow.png",1,340,150,940,512,$x,$y,100)
If $res = 1 Then
MsgBox(0,"404","Not Found")

Just a quick explain on what happens in the function _imagesearcharea:


_imagesearcharea("image_name" , a*,b*,b*,b*,b*,c*,c*,d*)

a* = Chooses the Return Value for C*. 0 = top x,y Pixel 1 = Center of the Found image.

b* = Coordinates for the Search Window(Top,Left,Right,Bottom)

c* = The Return Variables (See a*)

d* = Variaton between Image and Search.

I'm not sure if the explanation was needed, i just like pretty Topics :D

My actual problem :

I want to make a do_until loop that keeps doing _Imagesearcharea until i drag the desktop icon in the circa Area.

I could do this by just specifying the Search window. But that would be way to Easy :)

Instead i want the Loop to Run until the icon is dragged "near" a predefined spot on one axis using one of the Variables from _Imagesearcharea.

So lets say i want to ImageSearch until i drag it near the middle of the Screen Seen from the X axis.

Until $x = 640

But that is not "Near" ! That is exact ! I want it to Do_Until it is "close" to 640, so it should also stop searching when it is +20 or -20 from 640.

I think i will do this with some advanced Operators ? Math has never been my Strength...

Please Help ;)

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Hi, Schoening. How about using the Random operator? It allows you to generate a min and a max, so:

Until $x = Rand(625, 640, 1)

Edit: Scratch that, I reread your post after hitting enter. You want it to watch for any number within a certain range of 640...

Edited by JLogan3o13

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Until ($x > 620) And ($x <660) Something like that might work, untested. Edited by BrewManNH

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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I hereby grant any person the right to use any code I post, that I am the original author of, on the autoitscript.com forums, unless I've specifically stated otherwise in the code or the thread post. If you do use my code all I ask, as a courtesy, is to make note of where you got it from.

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ill try it out after Runnin ^^ Thx

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(Had to Charge my Mp4 ^^ had time) Works ! Thx:D

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      ; #INDEX# ================================================================================================= ; Title .........: ImageSearch ; AutoIt Version : 3.x ; Language ......: English ; Description ...: Check image Appears or Not and Return the position of an image on the desktop ; Author(s) .....: Dao Van Trong - TRONG.LIVE ; ================================================================================================= ; #CURRENT# ================================================================================================= ; _ImageSearch ; _ImageSearch_Area ; _ImageSearch_Wait ; _ImageSearch_WaitArea ; ================================================================================================= ;=============================================================================== ; ; Author:...........: AutoIT VietNam : Dao Van Trong - TRONG.LIVE ; Description:......: Check image Appears or Not ; Find and return the position of an image on the desktop ; Syntax:........... _ImageSearch_Area, _ImageSearch ; Parameter(s):..... $_ImagePath: The image to locate on the desktop ; May be a list of image by delimited by "|" ; i.e: $_ImagePath = "image1.bmp|image2.bmp|image3.bmp" ; $P_x1 $P_y1: Position of 1st point ; $P_x2 $P_y2: Position of 2nd point - Default is last botton right of desktop ; $_Tolerance: 0 for no tolerance (0-255). Needed when colors of image differ from desktop. e.g GIF ; $_CenterPos: boolen. True will return $array[1] x $array[2] is center of image found. ; False will return top-left position ; Return Value(s):.. Return an array has 3 item ; On Success: $array[0] 1 ; On Failure: $array[0] 0 ; DLL not found or other error: $array[0] -1 ; $array[1] x $array[2]: position of image what found on desktop ; ; Note:............. Use _ImageSearch to search the entire desktop ; _ImageSearch_Area to specify a desktop region to search ; $_ImagePath with more item need more time appear on screen before function can detect. ; Decrease sleep time in the loop to detect faster. But less performance. I.e CPULoad increased ; ;=============================================================================== EG:
      #include "_ImageSearch.au3" #include "_ImageSearch_Debug.au3" #RequireAdmin HotKeySet("{Esc}", "_Exit") ; Press ESC for exit Func _Exit() Exit 0 EndFunc ;==>_Exit Global Const $Ask_On_Found = 1 Global Const $Mouse_Move_On_Found = 1 Global Const $Mouse_Click_On_Found = 0 Global $_Image_1 = @ScriptDir & "\example.bmp" ; First, use this function to create a file bmp, maybe a desktop icon for example') MsgBox(64 + 262144, 'ImageSearch', 'At first, create a file bmp,' & @CRLF & 'photos that will search on the screen!') _ImageSearch_Create_BMP($_Image_1) ConsoleWrite("! Search for images: " & $_Image_1 & @CRLF & '! Searching on the screen ...' & @CRLF) While 1 ToolTip('(Press ESC for EXIT) Searching ...', 1, 1) Local $return = _ImageSearch($_Image_1) If $return[0] = 1 Then ConsoleWrite('- Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2] & @CRLF) If $Mouse_Move_On_Found Then MouseMove($return[1], $return[2]) If $Mouse_Click_On_Found Then MouseClick("left", $return[1], $return[2]) ToolTip('(Press ESC for EXIT) Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2], 1, 1) If $Ask_On_Found Then Local $ask = MsgBox(6 + 262144, 'Success', 'Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2]) If $ask = 2 Or $ask = 3 Or $ask = 5 Or $ask = 7 Then Exit ;No, Abort, Cancel, and Ignore If $ask = 10 Then _ImageSearch_Create_BMP($_Image_1) ; Continue ;Try Again EndIf EndIf Sleep(200) WEnd  
      Video demo:
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