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Interacting with Multiple Controls

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I'm working on a new project that is going to immitate a RPG I play online. It's a pretty simple Isometric/Tile Based project and I am trying to figure out how to target all the controls on the screen (mainly pic controls) so that when I click and drag they all will move in the same fashion. I know I could go through and specifically pick on each control but I was looking for a way to grab them all in a general manner without pointing out each variable name. I figure I could put them all in an array and some how loop through the array but If there is a quicker means to this I would love to know how. I've searched through the forum but I think the words I search are just too general. Any help?

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Well I've set it up using an array but I'm having timing problems. While moving the mouse the controls don't follow through correctly...

Here is an example of my script:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <Misc.au3>
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "end")
Const $title = "_Project"
$wX = @DesktopWidth / 3
$wY = @DesktopHeight / 3
Dim $Array[3]
Dim $mArray[6]
GUICreate($title, $wX, $wY, 0, 0)
$Array[0] = GUICtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & "ball_red_01.jpg", 50, 100, 30, 30)
$Array[1] = GUICtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & "ball_red_01.jpg", 100, 100, 30, 30)
$Array[2] = GUICtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & "ball_red_01.jpg", 150, 100, 30, 30)
GUICreate($title & " Vars:", 200, 400, @DesktopWidth - 205, 0)
$mProdX = GUICtrlCreateLabel("X Change: ", 5, 5, 190, 20)
$mProdY = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Y Change: ", 5, 25, 190, 20)
While 1
$msg = GUIGetMsg()
$uArray = UBound($Array)

case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
case _IsPressed(01)
case _isPressed(20)
  MsgBox(2, $title, $uArray, 10)

Func drag_screen()
$ii = 0
For $i = 0 To $uArray - 1 Step 1
  $_mouse = MouseGetPos()
  $mArray[0] = $_mouse[0]
  $mArray[2] = $_mouse[1]
  $_mouse = MouseGetPos()
  $mArray[1] = $_mouse[0]
  $mArray[3] = $_mouse[1]

  $mArray[4] = $mArray[0] - $mArray[1]
  $mArray[5] = $mArray[2] - $mArray[3]
  GUICtrlSetData($mProdX, "X Change: " & $mArray[4])
  GUICtrlSetData($mProdY, "Y Change: " & $mArray[5])
  $_Array = ControlGetPos($title, "", $Array[$i])
  GUICtrlSetPos($Array[$i], $_Array[0] + $mArray[4], $_Array[1] + $mArray[5])
  $ii += 1
Until $ii = $uArray - 1
  $ii = 0
Func end()

Ofcourse you will have to fit in your own pictures and change the directory if you wish to run it.

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