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Hi all,

Here I am again with another question: I want to create a temporary tooltip and I have sort of succeeded by making a function for it like this:

Func CustomToolTip($Tip)
   ToolTip($Tip, 5, 5)

But this causes the flow of my other functions and procedures to be interrupted which I find less than desirable. So what I want is basically this function as above but where the other procedures and functions execution isn't interrupted for 5 seconds.

Looking at the helpfile I can't seem to find any procedures that allow me to draw on the screen and consequently delete it again. Is there any way to show a tooltip for a limited amount of time, without interrupting the flow of the program?

I have also looked into using traytip for this but traytip doesn't always work, it seems not to when a program is running in full screen mode (I don't see it so it sort of defeats the purpose then).

A bit more on why I want this: My program runs without a GUI and basically has a bunch of hotkeys that all preform certain functions and I want to display in a temporary tooltip what function was activated when a hotkey is pressed. Now since most of these functions only take a couple of seconds at the most there is no need for a tooltip to be displayed indefinately but it is also sort of ridiculous for the program to have to wait longer than it actually takes to execute yourself as my application is supposed to speed things up for you by making certain series of mouseclicks and commands a single key press rather than having to go through the motions yourself. Sure, theres one or two where displaying a tooltip until it's done is fine but for most of them that is just way too fast.

If anyone has got any suggestions on what I can do here, it is most appreciated!

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I've done this in the past by utilizing a timer and the adlib function.

The logic goes like this:

Create a Global variable for a timer [$timer]

Initiate the timer right before the tooltip [$timer = timerinit()]

AdlibEnable a function to check the TimerDiff [if TimerDiff($timer) > 5000...]

If the conditions fit then kill the timer [$timer=0], stop the tooltip, and AdlibDisable

Sorry if that is confusing.

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