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Deleting ONLY the contents of a directory ...

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... but not the directory itself ...

DirRemove does exactly what I need to do, except that it also deletes the parent directory, and there is no option to leave the parent.

Why is this a problem?

Take a directory that has specific permissions set on it. The contents need to be deleted, but if the parent directory is deleted, then recreated under my program's user context, then the original permissions are lost.

What are my options? To enumerate the subs of the directory, and delete them individually?

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use FileDelete


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May This Help U out

$Folder=FileSelectFolder('Folder Whose Content To Be Deleted','')
While True
If @error Then ExitLoop
If @extended Then

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Hi, SlowCoder74. This is what I use to delete all files and subfolders from a user's Temp directory. You may be able to modify it for your needs.

#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
$_dir1 = _FileListToArray(@TempDir, "*", 2)

If IsArray($_dir1) Then
    For $n = 1 To $_dir1[0]
        $sPath = @TempDir & "" & $_dir1[$n]
        If FileExists($sPath & "") Then
            DirRemove($sPath, 1)

$_dir2 = _FileListToArray(@TempDir, "*", 1)
If IsArray($_dir2) Then
    For $n = 1 To $_dir2[0]
        $sPath = "C:Temp" & $_dir2[$n]
        If FileExists($sPath) Then
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