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application security...

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I've made this udf here for people who wants the clients who use their software package to enter a serial number for application validation...

Author: Ryno Labuschagne
Forum: ac1dm4n
Set encoding value for the token to be generated.
1 - 4 The higher the value the more complex the encoding will be
Will validate the token key i.o.w will check if the ini file exists if true
then the key from the ini will be read and be compared with the key in the registry
if they're equal application will start else if the evaluation is false the application will be terminated
if a token key has been modified in either the ini file or the registry the application will exit
Will delete the ini file and the registry value, can be called manually when an application is uninstalled
You can modify this script by all means add stuff to make it more complex
I thought it'd be a good idea to create a base for uniquely validating of an application on a machine
every token is generated randomly and should be executed only once, then deleted so the user can't
use your application on another machine...
remember you must call a function on autoitstartregister to execute the validation

$KeyEncode - Value 1 to 4 The higher the Value the more complex the encoding Will be
$Procid - Processidentifier(PID) Scriptname by defualt it AutoIt3.exe Or compiled Name(must be compiled)

please see the attachment


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[u]My dream is to have a dream...[/u]

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sounds interesting, but it doesn't seem to offer much security. i also don't see the value in comparing an ini with the registry (at least with this implementation). I'd consider adding some sort of encryption as it is very easy to convert string to binary and vice versa.

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now i am downloading my own file to get familiarized with autoit again lol im out of practise, but i know how to create a good method of encryption

[u]My dream is to have a dream...[/u]

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_HWID() Protect Your Script.

Require a Serial

Bind Program To Computer

Obfuscator (make your script hard to read)


application security...


Best of all, AutoIt continues to be FREE & OPEN !

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