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Ok I am trying to make this utility for work just to map drives, clear mapped drives and run an exe to install files from the mapped drives.

So the way this kinda has to go is first they pick a folder, one of 3 radio buttons, based on the folder there are several version, pick a version, then pick a radio button for what country version of the software. In most cases that will be it and you can map the drives then run the exe.

But if the FOLDER is the Shipped option i need it to also give me one more list to use. This extra list will be based on folder/version/country.

Screen shots will help this make sense i hope.

Here is the part of the UI im talking about, so when testassigned is set, that right most list should not display anything. Thats good.


When shipped is picked, I need to figure out how to make a list show on the right. So the list has to be based off the Folder/version/country. Right now it looks like thats happening but i just set the list like this as an example.


Any ideas how to fill this list based on each of those items?

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You should be able to store the values in either an array or ini file.

The logic (to me) would go like this.

onclick event for radio, Clear ListView, Populate Listview based on data

onclick listview, clear second listview, populate second listview based on data


Check out the GUi examples in the AutoIt extras folder to get started.

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Hmm ok yeah ive been avoiding array's because i dont totally get them yet.

And i should add, based on each of these fields being set I will be pulling sections of a path from an XML file i created.

Also i was asking a buddy at work, he suggested setting up a function for the main UI so the screen then the radio buttons and lists. Then a function for testassigned/testingapproved/shipped. So if one of those three options are enabled the function will fire off.

I was having issues even thinking about how things should be setup so that helped a bit.

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