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Small tools to help you with USB drive management

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Updated: 7 Aug 2012

Some Tool scripts to help you with your USB drive management:

ChangeUSBdriveLetter: Easily change a USB drive Letter

The script will pop-up the ejectable USB drives only. Double Click to select

Select the new drive letter and press OK

Keep in mind that the script will require elevated rights, same as Computer/Disk Management


EjectUSB: Easily eject a USB drive.

The script will pop-up all the ejectable USB drives. Double Click to eject

The script will automatically (by default without pop-up) eject the USB drive if only one USB drive is identified on the system.

This script has an optional ini file (see the Description in the header of the script, example in the zip file)

This script uses wraithdu's _USB_UDF.au3 and can be found here: _USB_UDF.au3



USBScanAndFix: Correct recurring Scan and fix message on USB devices

When a FAT formatted "removable" USB drive is attached under Vista and Win7, the "Scan and Fix" dialog is sometimes shown each time you insert the USB device. Performing Scan and fix does not seem to resolve the issue, however, no errors are found on the device.

The reason for the error is that the USB drive was formatted FAT(32) on Windows XP.

When the device was not properly dismounted by Windows XP, an archive bit in the drive's boot sector is set that needs to reset before it will stop reporting that there is an error. The script will perform a checkdsk /f on the selected USB device.

The script will pop-up the ejectable USB drives only as in the previous 2 scripts but will grey out the non-FAT formated devices.

Please note that the script is OS language sensitive (chkdsk !) and currently only supports English and Dutch. Any help would be appreciated if you could send me your language settings (line 63 to 66)


StdoutRead seems sometime to miss some console data. I am not sure why this is happening. I made the loop as tight as possible. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know... Anyhow, most of the time, the script runs correctly and it's all about cosmetics anyhow, the chkdsk is performed.


All scripts tested in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, x64


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New USBScanAndFix script added to first post.


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Thanks for sharing!

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