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_InputPeriod udf


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Updated 7 April 2013 because the original script looked corrupted

_InputPeriod() renamed to _InputDate() because of added feature


_InputDate Example.au3

udf to create a GUI for a period input.

1. Input period Dialog

2. Calculates days between the two dates of the input period

3. Legality check of period using the result of 2. (option)

4. Input Single day dialog

The examples show how to input a period and check if the period is legal ($from <= $to); The script will take your locale date format as Format of input date by default. You can also provide the two dates in 'YYYY/MM/DD' format.

This udf requires to include DateCalc.au3 (_DateCalc udf) from Sean Hart

The script can be found here:

_DateCalc (new UDF), Addition to the standard date functions

It's a pretty old UDF but it works like a charm and as far as I know there is no comparable function in AutoIt (please react if not correct)

>>> 1. Comment out two lines (28 and 30) in DateCalc.au3, for variables being re-declared, this is a small bug but quickly solved.

;Local $dFormat

;Local $tFormat

>>> 2. Add also #include-once at the top

I also added the corrected source of DateCalc.au3 on this post.

The DateCalc function provides a standard way to format any date back to the YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]format

Autoit functions like _DateAdd() or _DateDiff() require the Input date in the format YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]

But this is not the usual default format of your locale date setting, so often it's difficult to convert your locale date format to the required YYYY/MM/DD and make it compatible with other locale date settings


Edited by GreenCan


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