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Sending simple commands between scripts over internet?

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I've been toying around with a project for my boss.... Basically he saw this from a customer/friend's blog post: http://blog.vmfarms.com/2011/10/how-we-solved-remote-employee-problem.html and tasked me with building this (lucky me). He supplied the wood frame, and the arduino, and same "here, it's easy!"

I'm not good with TCP/IP and Python in windows, so I've fallen back on my favorite windows language, autoit, to make a simle solution for my boss. I've got an arduino board connected via a serial connection (CommMG.au) working with an AutoIt Script to accept keyboard input for left/right control over a servo which rotates the laptop, but I can't figure out a way to communicate over the internet with an autoit script.

Currently I'm thinking if I can access an instant messanging UDF, I could possibly open a chat session between two auto it scripts (one running on the arduino controlled platform, and the other running on a host machine, with an open skype session). Once I have the session open, I could setup a script on the client machine to send a message via the chat session telling the other script what to do.

Has this ever been done? am I over-complicating things?

I've seen an IRC udf which permitted the sending of messages to a channel, which could be an option, but I didn't see a way to read messages from a channel, If I had that, I could solve my problem pretty easily

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Did you check Example.au3 ,

It got something on received messages.

I did stumble across it, but didn't realize what I was looking at. I thought the IRC udf could jonly oin and transmit information for some reason.

Thanks! That'll make my life 10 times easier!

I was afraid someone would suggest email protocols, that would work for some situations, but the time to transmit the email and receive it would be too slow for this application.

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