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Can AutoIt detect a mouse click in a specific region?

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I'm considering using a program called Frameless to display various graphic files -- including some animated gifs. Each graphic will have a button in it for the user to click on to move to the next graphic. (like a "Next" button).

Frameless can display each graphic at a specific screen location so I can predict the coordinates of any element in the graphic, including this button.

Frameless can force the graphic to be on top of all other windows, which I need.

The problem with simply waiting for any mouse click is that my graphics tell the user how and where to click within programs that are visible behind each graphic. So the user will be clicking or or typing into those programs. All I can likely be sure of is that the user won't unintentionally click on the "Next" button in the graphic itself, thus my goal of limiting where this "hotspot" is.

Can AutoIt be running in the background and detect when the user clicks on the button in each graphic?

Bonus question: could AutoIt display the actual clickable button atop the graphic displayed by Frameless? No wait... I assume that's impossible if I set Frameless to always display "on top". Nevermind.

Please don't recommend that I display the graphics using AutoIt because my experience with the hack to display animated gifs yields very slow-to-open graphics, and for me it's difficult to implement. Using Frameless to display the graphics seems to be a more efficient delegation of tasks.


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